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One Final Kiss Exhibition Series

A virtual live performance for the Community by Black Artists describing the pain and deep emotion we have on what it means to be a part of the black community. The Struggle each of us endure and how can will overcome our battles.


Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Featuring |                                    Band Members |                                    Brands |                                         Host | Kyhs 

Freakquencee                              Quinn Devlin | Keyboard                      Vino Vibes                                     Audio Engineer | Andy Cohen 

Bymaddz                                       Trumpet Kid | Trumpet                       Boone Art Life                               Streaming Engineer | Andy Cohen

ORG Mass                                     Justin Guitarcia | Guitar 

Venue | Lips Café               Partner | Shindig                Associate Producer | Woke Media 

Bymaddz- Smile

ORG Mass- More Love, Less Hate

Freakquencee X Bymaddz- Smile 2

ORG Mass- Butterfly Trip

Freekquencee- Shine Your Light

Anthony Boone- Interview

Bymaddz- Cold water

Simone Ellove King- Interview 

Freakquenceee- Driven
The Series Finale

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